Monday, 26 November, 2012

Altercations with Anonymous

He: "How did the festival go?"
Me: "It was ok"
He: "Just ok?"
Me: "Well, I didn't celebrate it"
He: "Why?"
Me: "Just like that... for no reason"
He: "Don't tell me you converted?"
Me: "No... there is no need to!"
He: "Oh.. then, you don't believe in God anymore?"
Me: "I do"
He: "Then, why didn't you celebrate?"
Me: "Well, i just don't feel like celebrating these..."
He: "But you said you believe in God?"
Me: "Yes, I do"
He: "If you believe in God, then why didn't you celebrate?"
Me: "Because I am not religious"
He: "How can one believe in God but not be religious?"
Me: (smiles)
He: "You are crazy"
Me: "I know"

A few moments of silence later....

He: "Well you could at least celebrate for your family"
Me: "Yes, I did"
He: "Did what?"
Me: "Celebrated with family"
He: "As in?"
Me: "Didn't mind them celebrating"
He: "Hmmm.. at least you are tolerant"
Me: "No, I just believe in God"
He: "What does that mean?"
Me: "What is a religious person called?"
He: "Believer"
Me: "What is a spiritual person called?"
He: "Seeker"
Me: "There you go.. a believer tends to remain fixated on his beliefs; while a seeker attempts to seek the truth in every form and belief system"
He: "So, you say, Spirituality is better than Religiousness?"
Me: "Nothing is better than another.. one is the path to another; and the guiding light for this path is Compassion"
He: "So, what is the path leading to?"
Me: "Of course, Godliness"
He: "How far have you travelled?"
Me: "Almost there"
He: (shocked) "Who are you?”
Me: (smiles)

He opened his eyes; it all seemed to be a dream, yet so real. He got up and took a walk around the park. He could still hear the voices in his mind. Who was he talking to? Was he doing a monologue? Or was it someone in his dream? Who was questioning whom? Was it the person in the dream? Was it his conscience? Or was it God? He walked back and sat on the park bench he was napping on.

The sun was slowly setting behind the trees. He realized the persons didn't matter as much as the questions; the rituals didn't matter as much as the ideals; the beliefs didn't matter as much as God himself. He leaned back on the bench and started pondering over them. The day was ending, but his journey has just begun. A cool breeze swept through the park; as he sat alone on the bench introspecting, the energy-saving incandescent street lamp over his head was glowing brightly!