Saturday, 20 June, 2009

Bachelor's Kavithai

கை செய்யும் தவறுக்கு நாக்கிற்கு தண்டனை
செல்்ப் குக்கிங்!

~ அருண்

kai seiyum thavarukku naakirku thandanai
Self Cooking!

- Arun

Friday, 19 June, 2009

Hips, Hugs and Hulas

There have been many firsts in this travel – it’s the first time I travel out of India, it’s the first time I flew in a Boeing, also the first time I brush shoulders with Brits. Over the days here, this has transcended into several overlaps (and sometimes incursions) into their life style. Last Friday, I had a chance to peep into yet another ‘hi-life’ style of western culture – the Disco.

TGIF!! Friday night is party time. When the week’s share of toil (?!) is over, and there are 2 full days to rejuvenate before the next week kicks in, ‘rest’ is the last thing in ! I was settling down with some movies for the week end, when my colleagues pulled me up for a taste of the night life; and we shot our way out to ‘Chicago Rocks’, a club in town.

I am a nervous wrack. Flocks of party-goers with bottles on one side and babes on the other – a sight that would be a fascination for a lad made me nervous. May be, I wasn’t used to all this before. But it was all to change in the next few minutes. After spending a dime of a time waiting to be let in, we stepped into a world of dance and drinks. We picked up our drinks – I picked up a ‘KICK’ hoping I have at least in name what others have in their ‘more exquisite’ drinks. As I sipped through my drink, I tried to absorb myself into the mood; by the time the drink was done, I was on the dance floor. Feet tapping progressed to hand clapping; and soon I was jiggling all over. The party has begun!

Song after song, beat after beat, I danced my time out, ‘Jai Ho’ and ‘Slumdog’ only pepping up the mood further. Mind it when I say I danced - it was more a jiggle here and jerk there than any coherent co-ordination of the limbs. However, fellow dancers (Brits) were gracious enough in encouraging my amateur act; with one even going to the extent of being ‘generous enough' to let me dance with his girl (but before she could come over to my side, her ‘actual BF’ jumped in and dragged her away).

As the moon climbed up further over the midnight sky; and cash dipped deep into the corners of our pockets, we called it quits. I returned to my room; and turned on my laptop to move on with my movies. Quite bizarre is the human mind – what else could explain that after all the burning of cash and calories, I watched a movie on hunger and poverty! No wonder, in a country where thousands are losing jobs every day, the party bells ring late into the night!!