Wednesday, 25 March, 2009

Rendezvous with IAF

The alarm beeped.. it was 6 in the morning. I rubbed my eyes and gazed at the ceiling. It will be a challenging day today... over 5 meetings slotted for the day... the thought of it really pissed me off. Putting those thoughts aside and enthusing (consoling!) myself to look at the brighter side, i got ready and arrived at the dining table at half past 7. The lounge was crowded; there was lot of activity going on... i didn't mind popping out to see what's happening... i had enough things to worry about. After grubbing through the cereals and fruits, i was gazing across the lawn awaiting my course when i heard a voice over my head, "Good Morning! Can i have this seat?" There was a gentleman standing beside me . There weren't enough tables around; so he requested if i can share my table with him. I obliged. By this time, my main course had arrived and we started talking as we had our breakfast.

I introduced myself, "Hi! I am Arun. Working with Honeywell as Business Analyst"

He replied, "Hello! I am Srinivas, Wing Commander, IAF".

I almost dropped my fork. It dawned on me; i looked around; to find most of the tables occupied by IAF personnel. I really couldn't believe i was dining with a wing commander of IAF that too in a foreign country. More surprised was i, when i got to know that he too is from Chennai and that he visits Madurai often to meet his sister (Jeez... the world is a small place after all). We were soon joined by his boss - the Group Captain. They apprised me that they have come to visit Agusta Westland (Honeywell and Westland share the same campus) who have submitted bids to sell helicopters to IAF. So, after a good chat for 5 minutes, i exchanged pleasantries and took leave of them with a solid military hand shake that almost broke my hand.

At 5 the evening, i was reading news on Times Of India website...
"Govt cancels tenders for 22 copters for IAF. The bidders include AgustaWestland...."

Sunday, 22 March, 2009

A Sweet Little Story

There is this little wave, bobbing up and down.. and having a grand time.. just enjoying the sunshine. Until he sees the other waves crashing into the shore.. This little wave gets scared..."Oh My God! Is it gonna happen to me!!"

Another wave asks, "Why do you look so sad?"... and the little wave says,, 'because we are gonna crash... all of us are gonna be nothing... don't you understand?"

The other wave says," You don't understand... you are not a wave... you are part of the ocean..."


-- Excerpt from 'Tuesdays with Morrie'